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The site is an online resource for the disabled community, including their friends, relatives, and other supporters. It indexes and reviews resources, provides a curated channel for long-form communication (e.g., articles, howtos), etc.

Advice to New Users

This web site is still a prototype, so some problems are to be expected. Please report any errors or accessibility issues you encounter, using the Feedback link at the end of the affected page. This will alert us to problems, so that they can be addressed. More generally, before trying to make serious use of the web site, please skim the About and Usage pages. They should help you to avoid confusion and get up to speed quickly.

Noteworthy Content

Here are some brief notes about noteworthy content on the site.

Perkify - a blind-friendly virtual machine

Rich Morin has put together and published some early releases of Perkify, a blind-friendly virtual machine for use on personal computers. Based on Ubuntu, Vagrant, and VirtualBox, Perkify can be used on most 64-bit AMD/Intel platforms (e.g, Linux, macOS, Windows). For details, see the Perkify introduction.

VOISS - an economical talking computer

Sadly, the VOISS project ran out of funding and has been discontinued. However, the Stormux project is trying to pick up some of the pieces; stay tuned for announcements!

VOISS has released an open source design for an economical talking computer that is completely adapted for use by the blind. A compliant system can be assembled and maintained by a blind user, using open source software and readily-available hardware components. In an effort to encourage uptake of this platform, Rich Morin has created several Overview pages and a start on a HowTo. For details, see the VOISS index page.

Motorcycle-related Resources

When Rich Morin isn’t working on projects such as Pete’s Alley and Perkify, he likes to ride his motorcycle (a 1983 BMW R80ST) into the hills around the San Francisco Bay Area. He has also written up some pages that may be useful to other riders. For details, see the index page.