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  title       = 'Rich Morin'

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  impairments = 'deafness'
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accessibility tester, author, computer programmer, editor, reviewer, tester

[ about ]

  precis      = 'an author, editor, and computer programmer'

  verbose     = '''
Rich Morin is an author, editor, and computer programmer.
He uses [macOS]{ext_wp|MacOS} as his development environment,
but may deploy to [Linux]{ext_wp|Linux} or other systems.
Rich has been interested in mechanized documentation
and open source software distribution for decades.
So, in a sense, Pete's Alley and the Perkian Project
are simply other experiments in these areas.

Rich has a number of friends and relatives with disabilities;
he also has a few (relatively minor) disabilities of his own.
So, he often finds himself researching accessible products and services,
seeking out other interested individuals, etc.
This site is motivated by the desire to make this process easier
for himself and others.
See [About Pete's Alley]{_text/about.toml} for details.

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