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Written by Rich Morin.

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Precis:  status information on VOISS and F123Light

As of early 2020, the VOISS project and F123Light were discontinued. Here is a relevnt posting by Fernando Botelho:

This is a quick message to let you all know that in the next few days we will deactivate the F123Light pages you are used to seeing at: https://public.f123.org/guide.

Since our work is open source, others will continue it, and here I am thinking particularly of the new Stormux project, which is just getting started right here: https://stormux.org.

But of course, our project was much more than a distro, and I will share a list of contributions, as well as lessons learned, in the next few days. My hope is that just like the experiences of others helped us tremendously, that our own adventure may also help others in the future.

This e-mail list will continue to be fully operational for as long as needed, but in the medium to long term, you may wish to join the Stormux list by e-mailing: stormux+subscribe@groups.io.

Stormux will be mainly focused on the RPI 4, but for a little while they will offer a copy of F123Light, while they work on their own version for the RPI 3B+.

I am sorry that this version of the project did not last longer, but I will be back with some thoughts about how we may support Stormux and other initiatives, while also sharing with you what went well and not so well at F123Light, just so you avoid some of the traps that caused us difficulties.

Best wishes, Fernando

FYI, I hope and expect to re-purpose quite a bit of F123- and VOISS-related content on Pete’s Alley as soon as things settle down a bit…