Written by Rich Morin.

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Precis:  notes on the PiJuice HAT

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Note: As of early 2020, the VOISS project and F123Light were discontinued. For details, see VOISS - Status.

The PiJuice HAT is a promising piece of infrastucture for a self-powered VOISS system.

Two custom-made enclosures are available. The Short Case can hold a RasPi and a PiJuice; the Tall Case can also hold an additional HAT. Tool-free (dis-)assembly is said to be possible, easing maintenance.

The battery capacity is somewhat limited (1820 mAh), but the vendor claims that this can run a RasPi 3B+ for a few hours. Given that one can carry along a power bank and/or a power supply, this might be fine for many users.

However, the standard battery can’t really keep a RasPi idling for an extended period of time. So, the user would have to start up and shut down the computer for each usage session. This doesn’t provide the “instant on” behavior that I’d like to support, but it’s possible that some accommodations can be made. Stay tuned…