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Written by Rich Morin.

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Precis:  introduction to searching for Perkify commands

Once you have gained SSH access to Perkify (as described on the Perkify - Install and Perkify - Usage pages), you might want to search for some interesting and/or useful commands. Perkify is so large (all of Ubuntu plus thousands of added packages) that this can be a challenge. And, of course, Perkify only contains a tiny fraction of the packages you might want to add. That said, here are some notes to get you started…

Manual Pages

The “man pages” provide a wealth of information on commands, devices, files, library functions, system calls, and other aspects of the operating system. Although the man pages can be cryptic, learning how to use them effectively is basic knowledge for Perkify users. See Perkify - Manual for background information, usage examples, and tips.

Package Indexes

Most of Perkify’s added packages are installed using Debian’s Advanced Package Toolkit (APT). You can use APT and related tooling (including some of our own) to find out what is (and could be) installed. See Perkify - APT for background information, usage examples, and tips.

Pete’s Alley

A number of Perkian’s packages have pages in Pete’s Alley. The Make Dashboard provides an annotated, tabular index to these pages. They are also indexed in the Software Area.

To be continued…