Perkify - Package Index

Written by Rich Morin.

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Precis:  topical index to Perkify's installed packages

See Also:  Perkify - Package List and Perkify - Packaging

This page is a topical index of the software we explicitly install on Ubuntu while creating Perkify. See Perkify - Package List for a tabular presentation.


The categories listed below are mostly drawn from the Package List. However, some packages fall into multiple categories, so you should expect a certain amount of duplication.


Most of our support for accessibility has to do with visual impairments. For example, although Braille literacy is far from universal, Braille support is very important to many blind users. Speech input and output (e.g., screen readers) is also very important.


One of the nice things about Linux is that system and network administration can be done by running commands and editing text files.

Audio, Video

Audio and video support is important for a broad class of users.


Linux has lots of accessible tools for communication, via chat, email, messages, VoIP, etc.

Desktops, Tools


Games, etc.

Images, etc.


OCR Support


Terminal Support

World Wide Web

Everything Else

To be continued…