Perkify - Making Docker Containers

Written by Rich Morin.

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Precis:  notes on making Docker-based Perkify containers

This page describes the current procedure for making Docker-based Perkify containers. It is rather convoluted and may well be simplified in the future. In any event, our current focus is on using Vagrant/VirtualBox “boxes”.

That said, the procedure appears to work and thus deserves to be documented. For general information, see Perkian - Introduction, Perkify - Introduction, and Perkify - Docker.


The Perkify/_base file tree contains two sets of files (make, ship):

make/             used in making the image
| add_ons         installs add-on packages
| add_ons.rb      helper for the add_ons script
| add_ons.toml    specify Perkify add-on packages
| Dockerfile      specifies start-up actions
| get_apt         get an APT package
| get_gem         get a Ruby Gem

ship/             used for the shipped image
| Dockerfile      specifies start-up actions


The build procedure uses three terminal sessions:

Step 1 (T1)

Copy the _base directory to make, the Ubuntu virtual machine:

$ cd .../Perkify/_base

$ scp -r ../_base rdm@make:
rdm@make's password: ...

Step 2 (T2)

Allow user rdm to run Docker commands on make (without sudo):

$ ssh rdm@make

rdm@make:~$ sudo usermod -aG docker rdm
[sudo] password for rdm: ...

rdm@make:~$ exit

Step 3 (T2)

Tidy up and then build mpi, the “make Perkify image”:

$ ssh rdm@make

rdm@make:~$ docker system prune -f

rdm@make:~$ docker build --tag=mpi _base/make

Run a bash session in mpc, the “make Perkify container”. The add_ons script installs APT packages, Ruby Gems, etc:

rdm@make:~$ docker run -it --name mpc mpi bash

root@...:/# make/add_ons
debian_apt      Accerciser,         accerciser,         a11y explorer
Loading issues: none

Named packages:     76
Total packages:   1677
Duration: 1066.0 seconds (17.8 minutes)

Step 4 (T3)

Commit the container as an image:

$ ssh rdm@make

rdm@make:~$ docker commit mpc

Step 5 (T2)

Exit the container:

root@...:/# exit

Build spi, the “ship Perkify image”:

rdm@make:~$ docker build --tag=spi _base/ship

Run the container and kick the tires:

rdm@make:~$ docker run -it --name spc -v /:/host spi bash

me@perk:~$ ls /
bin boot dev etc home host lib ... var

me@perk:~$ ls /host/
bin cdrom etc initrd.img lib ... vmlinuz

me@perk:~$ exit

Step 6 (T3)

Tag the image, deploy it to Docker Hub, etc:

rdm@make:~$ docker login
Username: richmorin
Password: ...

rdm@make:~$ docker tag spi richmorin/perkify:0.1.0

rdm@make:~$ docker push    richmorin/perkify:0.1.0

Step 7 (T2)

Exit the container, tidy up, and kick the tires again:

me@perk:/# exit

rdm@make:~$ docker system prune -f

rdm@make:~$ docker run --name spc -it richmorin/perkify:0.1.0 bash

me@perk:~$ ls /
bin boot dev etc home host lib ... var

me@perk:/# exit