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Written by Rich Morin.

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Several blind-friendly Linux releases have been created over the years, featuring various combinations of accessibility-related software packages. This page attempts to bring these package lists together, allowing them to be compared and contrasted. It may also allow us to identify packages whose inclusion seems to embody a Best Practice.

Here are the OS names, along with the (rather cryptic) abbreviations used in the table below:

Package NameLinux VariantsDescription
AccerciserPVaccessibility explorer
AdrianeKnaccessibility toolkit
BRLTTYGr, PVbraille output support
brltty-espeakPVeSpeak driver for BRLTTY
BookwormeBook reader
DAISY Pipeline 2document converter
Daisy PlayerPVebook reader
DasherPVpredictive text input
ELinksKntext-mode web browser
Emacspeakaccessible editor
eSpeakNGPVspeech synthesizer
espeakupPVeSpeak/speakup connector
EwwEmacs-based web browser
FenrirPV, Stconsole screen reader
GNOME A11yaccessible desktop themes
latex-accessLaTeX-to-braille translator
LiblouisPVbraille translation library
Lucidorebook reader
MBROLAPVspeech synthesizer
OrcaPV, St, Ubscriptable screen reader
ratpoisonFLCLI window manager
SBLKnscreen reader
speech-dispatcherPVspeech synthesis interface
tdsrscreen reader
The vOICesensory substitution