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Written by Rich Morin.

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Precis:  use of Git and GitHub by Pete's Alley


Our motivation for using GitHub is a bit unusual, so a bit of explanation may be in order. Most GitHub projects contain code that is intended for distribution and reuse. Although anyone is welcome to copy and use our code, our expectation is that there will only be one “official” server for Pete’s Alley; in any case, we don’t expect others to start up competing servers.

However, we’d like folks to be able to play with our code, improve it, and submit changes. In particular, having a published copy makes it far easier for folks to respond to our requests for assistance (e.g., on Elixir Forum). We also expect that some folks will find GitHub useful as a way to inspect our Elixir and TOML files, submit additions and proposed changes, etc.

Git and Mix

Although Elixir’s Mix tooling does not require the use of Git, that certainly seems to be the expectation. For example, it automagically creates a .gitignore file in each new project and relies on this to prevent archiving of (possibly enormous) directory sub-trees such as assets/node_modules, _build, and deps.

Our code is divided into a number of project directories, contained within a Mix umbrella project

A single Git repo resides in the top-level (PA_all) directory, along with a tiny .gitignore file. Each project directory has its own .gitignore file (supplied by Mix).

File Tree

The file tree for Pete’s Alley contains code (e.g., Elixir), data (e.g., TOML), and documentation (e.g., Markdown). For details, see the Code Tree and Data Tree pages.


To be continued…