Pete's Alley - The Data Tree

Written by Rich Morin.

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Precis:  an overview of the data tree used in Pete's Alley

Pete’s Alley is based on a tree of text-based data files, encoded in a combination of TOML and Markdown. We also support some minor syntax extensions (e.g., comma-separated lists, shorthand for file paths and URLs). This approach lets our users read and edit the files conveniently, while allowing our software to deal with structured data.

Data Structures

The pervasive use of data structures is a huge win for error checking, indexing, and other processing needs. For example, schema files can be used to document the structure and semantics of data files, as well as supporting error detection. Our working data structure is a tree, made up of associative arrays (aka dictionaries, hashes, or maps). The leaf nodes are either text strings or lists of strings.

The top level of the tree is a map whose keys are (slightly modified) relative file paths. For example, the key for this page’s main file is Areas/Content/Overviews/PA_Data_Tree/main.toml. The internal tree is constructed at run time by walking the file tree and loading the TOML-encoded data into the map. We also perform some error checking, indexing, and pre-processing at this time.

File Tree

The file tree (PA_toml) contains several administrative directories (e.g., _config, _schemas, _test, _text), followed by the Areas section. This section contains a topical catalog of resources (e.g., Groups, Hardware, People, Services, Software) and several types of long-form content (e.g., Essays, HowTos, Overviews).

PA_toml/                  the TOML file tree

| _config/                configuration, etc.
| | forced.toml           define "forced OK" URLs
| | prefix.toml           define prefix codes
| _schemas/*.toml         file type schemas
| _test/*.toml            test data (WIP)
| _text/*.toml            administrative text

| Areas/
| | _area.toml            info on Areas

| | Catalog/              a curated resource catalog
| | | _area.toml          info on Areas/Catalog
| | | Groups/             organizations, projects, etc.
| | | | _area.toml        info on Areas/Catalog/Groups
| | | | A_/               items starting with "A"
| | | | | A.../           files for item "A..."
| | | | | | main.toml     main text and metadata
| | | | | | make.toml     build information (optional)
| | | | | | text.*.toml   reviews, etc. (optional)
| | | Hardware/...        appliances, computers, etc.
| | | People/...          authors, editors, etc.
| | | Services/...        Internet servers, etc.
| | | Software/...        computer software

| | Content/              long-form written content
| | | _area.toml          info on Areas/Content
| | | Essays/             memoirs, opinions, etc.
| | | | _area.toml        info on Areas/Content/Essays
| | | | A_/               items starting with "A"
| | | | | A.../           files for item "A..."
| | | | | | main.toml     main text and metadata
| | | HowTos/...          step-by-step instructions
| | | Overviews/...       topic overviews, etc.

File Format

The file tree contains several types of files, including:

All of the files are encoded in a TOML (frequently with Markdown inclusions), but the minor details vary among the file types. The specifics are documented in _schemas/*.toml (the file type schemas), but here are some typical elements:

meta/                     metadata
| *                       administrivia
| tags/*                  comma-separated tags

about/                    descriptive text
| access/*                accessibility notes
| precis/*                one-line summary
| verbose/*               paragraphs of text

address/                  contact information
| email/*                 email addresses
| phone/*                 phone numbers
| postal/*                postal addresses
| related/*               related web URLs
| web_site/*              primary web URLs

For brevity and editing convenience, we support several minor extensions to Markdown and TOML syntax. For details, visit Pete’s Alley - Extensions.