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Written by Rich Morin.

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Precis:  Perkify installation notes (general)

The Vagrant-based version of Perkify uses a hypervisor-based virtual machine (VM), provided by VirtualBox. This approach makes it relatively insensitive to differences in the host machine’s operating system. However, the installation process varies a bit between operating systems, so this page only provides general information. See below for links to the OS-specific installation pages.

Host Platform

The current version of Perkify should work on any host platform (e.g., personal computer) that:

These restrictions allow us to support most modern PCs running Linux, macOS, or Microsoft Windows. Other host platforms may be supported in the future; let us know if you have a particular host in mind.


There are several steps to Perkify’s installation process. Here is a summary; see the breakout pages for details.

Getting Started

Using one of the links below, go to the page for your host OS: