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Written by Rich Morin.

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Precis:  a quick dip into some Perkify games

Game programs have been associated with Unix since the beginning. Indeed, one of Ken Thompson’s goals in developing the first “Unics” (Uniplexed Information and Computing Service) system was to support a video game called Space Travel.

Although Perkify doesn’t have a copy of that game, it does have several dozen game programs. Let’s explore a little, using some Unix command-line tools. For details on these, simply Read The Fine Manual (RTFM) using man apropos, man wc, etc.

Note: Rather than printing the full shell prompt (e.g., vagrant@perkify:~$) below, I’ll just use a dollar sign ($). This is a fairly common practice in Unix documentation.

OK, how many man pages can we find for games?

$ apropos games | wc -l     # display the number of lines

Well, that wasn’t too exciting; only six games… Hmmmmm; let’s try a shorter search term:

$ apropos game | wc -l      # display the number of lines

$ apropos game | head -3    # display the first three lines
adventure (6)        - an exploration game
atc (6)              - air traffic controller game
backgammon (6)       - the game of backgammon

$ apropos game | tail -3    # display the last three lines
tuxmath (6)          - a math game for kids with Tux
wargames (6)         - shall we play a game?
worm (6)             - Play the growing worm game

That’s a lot more promising, but also a bit misleading. Although most of these games are text based, some (e.g., hangman) use a cursor positioning library such as curses to create a 2D “board”. Since these games are likely to be inaccessible to blind users, I’ll ignore them in this HowTo. In addition, many of these games aren’t working yet in Perkify, due to configuration issues, etc. In short, Your Mileage May Vary…


OK, let’s go on an adventure!

$ adventure

Welcome to Adventure!!  Would you like instructions?

Somewhere nearby is Colossal Cave, where others have found fortunes in
treasure and gold, though it is rumored that some who enter are never
seen again.  Magic is said to work in the cave.  I will be your eyes
and hands.  Direct me with commands of 1 or 2 words.  ...


I know of places, actions, and things.  Most of my vocabulary
describes places and is used to move you there.  To move, try words
like forest, building, downstream, enter, east, west, north, south,
up, or down.  ...

user closed input stream, quitting...

Escaping a Game

There isn’t any real standard for ways to exit interactive Unix commands. Words like “bye”, “exit”, and “quit” may or may not work. However, like most text-based Unix commands, adventure will quit when it receives an end-of-file (EOF) character. The Control D (aka C-d, CTRL+D, ^D, etc.) key combination produces this, as shown above. Failing that, try Control C (aka C-c, CTRL+C, ^C, etc.).

However, some programs will ignore your attempts to leave, burying you in piles of goo. I ran into this when I tried to run a math training game called tuxmath. Nothing I typed seemed to have any useful effect; was I trapped?

Fortunately, there are various ways to escape from this sort of situation. The simplest one may be to kill off the Terminal tab in which the perkify ssh session (and thus, the offending command) is running. You can then start up another SSH session in another tab.

Alternatively, like I did, you can try using some Unix lore to escape. The first thing I did was to hit Command T, bringing up “tab” (and shell session) in the macOS Terminal app. (On another host system, I might have needed a different key combination.) I then typed in vagrant ssh, starting up a second SSH session into Perkify.

Using the ps, grep, and kill commands, I was then able to kill off the offending program:

$ ps a | grep tuxmath
 2330 pts/0    Sl+    0:22 tuxmath
 2340 pts/1    S+     0:00 grep --color=auto tuxmath

$ kill 2330

Going back to the original tab, I found myself presented with a shell prompt (whew!). Sometimes there may be some residual goo left on the screen. Running clear once or twice may (erm) serve to clear this up…

Game Index

Here is a Work In Progress (WIP) index to games on Perkify. The Type may be GNOME, KDE, term, text, or X11. (Only the text games are suitable for use by the blind.) The PS (Program Status) column provides a guess as to whether the command will crash, run, etc.

atctermOKair traffic control
backgammontermOKbackgammon (board)
battlestartextOKtropical adventure
blinkenKDE??memory enhancement
boggletermOKword search
bovoKDE??Five in a Row
canfieldtermOKsolitaire (cards)
cribbagetermOKCribbage (cards)
dabtermOKDots and Boxes
gnome-klotskiGNOME??sliding blocks
gnome-mahjonggGNOME??tile matching
gnome-sudokuGNOME??Sudoku logic puzzle
gnome-taquinGNOME??sliding puzzle
gnome-tetravexGNOME??simple puzzle
gnuchessxX11??Chess (board)
gnugotermOKGo (board)
gomokutermOK5 in a row (board)
hangmantermOKletter and word guessing
hitoriGNOME??Hitori (number grid)
hunttermOKmulti-player shooting
iagnoGNOME??disk flipping, ala Reversi
kblackboxKDE??graphical logic, ala blackbox
kbounceKDE??Jezz Ball, ala Jezzball
kgoldrunnerKDE??action/puzzle, ala Loderunner
khangmanKDE??letter and word guessing
kigoKDE??Go (board)
killbotsKDE??killer robots, teleportation
kirikiKDE??Yahtzee (dice)
kjumpingcubeKDE??Tactical (grid)
klicketyKDE??ball removal, ala SameGame
klinesKDE??like “Color Lines”
kmahjonggKDE??Mahjongg (board)
kminesKDE??mine sweeper
knetwalkKDE??network admin. (grid)
kolfKDE??miniature golf
kpatKDE??Patience (card)
ksirkKDE??Risk strategy
kspaceduelKDE??two-player space duel
ksquaresKDE??Dots and Boxes (grid)
ksudokuKDE??Sudoku logic puzzle
ktuberlingKDE??ala Mr. Potato Head
kubrickKDE??color cube, ala Rubik’s Cube
lskatKDE??Lieutnant Skat (card)
monoptextOKala Monopoly (board)
palapeliKDE??Jigsaw Puzzle
phantasiatermOKinterterminal fantasy game
picmiKDE??number logic (grid)
quadrapasselGNOME??falling blocks, ala Tetris
snaketermOKmake money; avoid the snake
solGNOME??solitaire games (card)
tetris-bsdtermOKfalling blocks, ala Tetris
trektextOKadventure, based on Star Trek
tuxmathtermNWmath game for kids
wargamestermOKshall we play a game?
wormtermOKgrowing worm game

To be continued…