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This is the dashboard page for ref (i.e., item reference) types and values. Note that refs are mapped into tags.


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The table below summarizes ref duplication across types. Although duplication is not necessarily a problem, it may indicate semantic confusion.

Ref value Ref types, with counts
F123Light provides (1), see_also (1)
VOISS provider (1), see_also (3)
VOISS_Classic provides (1), see_also (2)


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This section summarizes "oddball" refs, which contain characters other than letters, numbers, minus or plus sign, parentheses, period, sharp sign, slash, and underscore).

No oddball ref values were found.

Usage by Type

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The statistics below are calculated as follows:

  • Items - number of items that used this ref type
  • Total - total number of unique values used for this type
  • Average - number of values (per item) used for this type
Ref Type Items Total Average Description
based_on 3 2 0.01 underlying items
f_authors 393 3 0.99 authors of this file
f_editors 393 2 0.99 editors of this file
provider 6 5 0.02 providers of this item
provides 5 7 0.02 items this item provides
see_also 40 35 0.17 strongly related items