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The goal of the Perkian project is to generate blind-friendly distributions of open source software. The goal of the "Make" subproject (shared by Perkian and Pete's Alley) is to collect and process build specifications. Constructive comments and suggestions are welcome; offers of assistance are even better!

Make Packages

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The following table summarizes 197 software packages which we are considering for inclusion in Perkian. A "Y" in the A (Arch), D (Debian), or O (Other) column indicates that we have a link for an associated archive site. The Precis column contains a short textual description.

Package A D O Precis
Accerciser Y Y - an accessibility explorer for the GNOME desktop
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - - - provides audio and MIDI functionality to Linux
Alacritty Y - - a cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator
Alot Y Y - a terminal-based mail user agent
Alpine Y Y - a text-based email client, novice-friendly but powerful
apcalc Y Y - arbitrary precision console calculator
Aptitude - Y - terminal-based package manager
Atril Y Y - the official document viewer for MATE
Audacious - Y - small and fast audio player which supports lots of formats
Audacity Y Y - multi-track audio editor and recorder
bash-completion Y Y - utilities for configuring the Linux Ethernet bridge
BitchX Y - - a full-featured, scriptable IRC client
Bookworm Y - - a simple, focused eBook reader
bridge-utils Y Y - utilities for configuring the Linux Ethernet bridge
BRL-CAD Y - - a cross-platform solid modeling system
BRLTTY Y Y - a daemon to support braille displays and speech output
bsdgames Y Y - a collection of classic textual Unix games
BusyBox Y Y - utility multi-tool for small and embedded systems
catdoc Y Y - converts word proessor files to text
Chef Y Y - a systems integration framework
CuneiForm Y Y - optical character recognition (OCR) program
DAISY Pipeline 2 - - - a framework for the processing of digital content
DAISY Player - - - a player for the DAISY Digital Talking Book
Dasher Y Y - an information-efficient text-entry interface
dialog Y Y - displays user-friendly dialog boxes from shell scripts
Diction - Y - utilities to help with style and diction
Direvent Y Y - file system event monitor
discount Y Y - a Markdown implementation written in C
dnsmasq Y Y - a small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server
dos2unix Y Y - text file format converter
dosfstools Y Y - a utility to create, check, and label DOS FAT file systems
Eclipse Che - - - developer workspace server and cloud IDE
Ekiga - - - a VoIP and video conferencing application
ELinks Y Y - a full-featured, text-based web browser
Elixir Y Y - functional, concurrent, programming language
Elm ME+ - - - a text-based, interactive email client
Emacs_Muse Y Y - author and publish projects using Wiki-like markup
Emacspeak Y Y - a blind-friendly version of Emacs
Eolie Y - - a GNOME-based web browser
ERC - Y - a powerful, modular, and extensible Emacs IRC client
eSpeakNG Y Y - a speech synthesizer that supports 99 languages and accents
espeakup Y Y - a connector between speakup kernel modules and espeak
Eww - - - a web browser written entirely in Emacs Lisp
Expect Y Y - tool for automating interactive terminal sessions
Fenrir Y Y - a modern, command-line screen reader
Fizmo Y Y - a Z-Machine interpreter, written in plain C
Frotz Y Y - an interpreter for Z-code story-files
Gcal Y Y - a program for calculating and printing calendars
Gforth Y Y - implementation of a Forth programming environment
GIFT - Y - index and search images by content
GIMP - Y - advanced image editor
Git Y Y - fast, scalable, distributed revision control system
GNOME Y Y - a desktop environment for Unix-like operating systems
GNOME Web Y Y - a lightweight web browser for GNOME
GNU a2ps Y Y - an Any to PostScript filter
GNU bc Y Y - an interactive, arbitrary precision calculator and language
GNU Chess Y Y - a chess-playing program
GNU Datamash Y Y - a progrsm for manipulation of textual data
GNU Emacs Y Y - a customizable (Lisp-based) text editor, IDE, etc.
GNU Go Y Y - a go-playing program
GNU Interactive Tools Y Y - a set of interactive text-mode tools
GNU Mailutils Y Y - utilities for handling mail
GNU Miscfiles Y Y - a set of miscellaneous reference files
GNU Ocrad Y Y - an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program
GNU Octave Y Y - a high-level language for numerical computations
GNU plotutils Y Y - a vector graphics plotting library and utility
GNU Prolog Y Y - Prolog compiler with constraint solving over finite domains
GNU PSPP Y Y - a statistical analysis program, ala SPSS
GNU R Y Y - a language for statistical computing and graphics
GNU Screen Y Y - a program that lets users manage multiple login sessions
GNU Solfege Y Y - music education and ear training software
GNU Spell - Y - a spell checking program
GNU Typist Y Y - a universal typing tutor
GNU Units Y Y - converts between different systems of units
Gnumeric Y Y - a spreadsheet application
GnuPG Y Y - The GNU Privacy Guard, an encryption tool
Graphviz Y Y - a suite of text-based graph visualization software
HighLine Y Y - a higher-level, command-line oriented interface library
hostapd Y Y - an authenticator for EAP, IEEE 802.11, WPA, etc.
httptunnel Y Y - creates a data path tunnelled in HTTP requests
Hunspell Y Y - a spell checker
ID Utils Y Y - a massive image transformation system
ii Y Y - a minimalist IRC client, based on a FIFO and the filesystem
ImageMagick Y Y - a massive image transformation system
Inkscape Y Y - vector graphics editor
intltool Y Y - utility scripts for internationalizing XML
ircII Y Y - a full screen, termcap-based Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client
Irssi Y Y - a text mode, terminal based IRC client
JACAL Y Y - a symbolic mathematics system written in Scheme
JACK Audio Connection Kit Y Y - basic infrastructure for audio applications
JOE Y Y - a user-friendly, full-screen text editor
Jshon Y Y - a JSON manipulation tool
Jupyter Y Y - an interactive computational environment
KDE - Y - K Desktop Environment
KmPlot Y Y - mathematical function plotter for KDE
latex-access - - - a program to translate LaTeX into (Nemeth or UEB) braille
Liblouis Y Y - a braille translator, back-translator, and formatter
LibreOffice - Y - a free and open-source office suite
Links Y Y - a text-mode web browser
Linphone Y Y - an Internet-based text, voice, and video messaging client
Lios Y Y - an intelligent OCR solution for Linux
Lucidor Y - - a program for reading and handling e-books
LXQt - Y - The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment
LXTerminal Y Y - VTE-based terminal emulator for LXDE
Lynx Y Y - a classic non-graphical (text-mode) web browser
Magic Wormhole Y Y - securely and simply transfer data between computers
MATE Y Y - a desktop environment, based on GNOME 2
mblaze Y Y - Unix utilities to deal with Maildir
mbrola Y Y - multilingual software speech synthesizer
mhWaveEdit Y Y - simple and fast GTK2 sound editor
mitmproxy Y Y - SSL-capable man-in-the-middle HTTP proxy
MPD Y Y - a server-side application for playing music
mpg123 Y Y - fast console MPEG audio player and decoder library
MPlayer Y Y - a server-side application for playing music
mpv Y Y - a cross-platform media player
mu Y Y - mu (maildir-utils)
Mumble Y Y - low-latency, high quality voice chat software
Mutt Y Y - a text-based email client for Unix-like systems
ne Y Y - easy-to-use and powerful text editor
Netatalk Y Y - a daemon which implements the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)
nodm - Y - automatic X11 display manager
Notify OSD Y Y - daemon that displays passive pop-up notifications
NTP Y Y - Network Time Protocol daemon and utility programs
OCRdesktop Y - - grab content from the screen as text via OCR technology
OCRFeeder Y Y - document layout analysis and OCR system
OCRmyPDF Y Y - adds an OCR text layer to scanned PDF files
ocrodjvu Y Y - perform OCR on DjVu files
OfflineIMAP Y Y - perform OCR on DjVu files
Open Sound System Y - - a graphical screen reader for GNOME
OpenMAX - - - an API standard for processing of audio, video, and images
OpenSCAD Y Y - software for creating solid 3D CAD models
Opus-tools Y Y - Opus codec command line tools
Orca Y Y - a graphical screen reader for GNOME
Pandoc Y Y - a universal document-conversion application and library
PCManFM Y Y - extremely fast and lightweight file manager
Pdmenu Y Y - simple full screen menu program
pianobar Y Y - simple full screen menu program
Pidgin Y Y - multi-protocol chat client
PINN - - - an enhanced Operating System installer for the Raspberry Pi
Pluma Y Y - official text editor of the MATE desktop environment
Poezio Y Y - a console-based client for Jabber and XMPP
PortAudio Y Y - audio I/O library
Profanity Y Y - a console-based client for XMPP and Jabber
PulseAudio Y - - provides audio and MIDI functionality to Linux
Pyspread Y Y - cross-platform Python spreadsheet application
Python 2 Y Y - interactive high-level object-oriented language
Python 3 Y Y - keyboard-only window manager
ratpoison Y Y - a simple, keyboard-based window manager
Recoll Y Y - desktop full-text search tool
reportbug Y Y - a bug reporting tool for Debian and derived OS distributions
RipIT Y Y - text-based audio CD ripper
ronn Y Y - a tool for generating manuals
Ruby Y Y - a popular, elegant programming language
ruby-gpio - Y - a Ruby DSL to interface with the Raspberry Pi GPIO
SageMath Y Y - a screenreader with support for braille and/or speech
sbl - - - a screenreader with support for braille and/or speech
Scribus Y Y - desktop publishing software
ScrollZ Y Y - an advanced IRC client, based on ircII
sic Y Y - an extremely fast, small, and simple IRC client
Socat Y Y - multipurpose relay for bidirectional data transfer
SoX Y Y - the Swiss Army knife of sound processing programs
Speakup Y - - a kernel module that provides a text-to-speech interface
speechd Y Y - a library that provides a common interface to speech synthesis
storeBackup Y Y - a backup suite that stores files on other disks
Sup Y Y - a console-based email client for people with a lot of email
Surfraw Y Y - text-based web browser
Syncthing Y Y - a utility for decentralized file synchronization
Tcl Y Y - a text-based Tool Command Language
tdsr - - - a console-based screen reader
Telegram Y Y - official telegram messaging app
Tesseract Y Y - an OCR engine and a command line program
TeX Live Y Y - render HTML into PDF and various image formats
Texinfo Y Y - documentation system for on-line and printed output
The vOICe - - - an app which renders images (e.g., camera views) as sound
Thunderbird Y Y - standalone mail and news reader from
TinTin++ Y Y - classic text-based MUD client
tmux Y Y - a terminal session multiplexer
TTY::Prompt - - Y an independent prompt component for the TTY toolkit
TuxMath Y Y - a terminal session multiplexer
TuxType Y Y - an educational typing tutorial game starring Tux
Vim Y Y - a highly configurable, improved version of vi
VLC Y Y - media player software and streaming media server
w3m Y Y - a text-based web browser and terminal pager
wcalc Y Y - a flexible, command-line scientific calculator
WeeChat Y Y - a fast, light, and extensible chat client
WiringPi Y - - a Pin-based GPIO access library for the Raspberry Pi
wkhtmltopdf Y Y - render HTML into PDF and various image formats
WordGrinder Y Y - render HTML into PDF and various image formats
Xarchiver Y Y - solution for handling archives
xdot Y Y - interactive viewer for Graphviz dot files
Xiki - - Y a Ruby library to create menu-based interactive interfaces
xlsx2csv Y Y - convert xslx files to csv format
Xpdf Y Y - a PDF viewer and text extractor
YAD Y Y - tool for creating graphical dialogs from shell scripts
YAJL Y Y - JSON parser and validating generator
yasr - Y - a general-purpose, console-based screen reader
youtube-dl Y Y - a general-purpose, console-based screen reader