The Areas tree contains a Catalog of accessibility-related resources, along with some long-form Content: Essays, HowTos, and Overviews. Check below for details…


This is a crowd-sourced, curated catalog of resources.

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  • Groups
    provides information on a wide range of organizations

  • Hardware
    contains information on hardware (e.g., computers, tools)

  • People
    contains information on active members of Pete's Alley

  • Services
    contains information on conferences, web sites, etc.

  • Software
    contains information on computer software


This is a crowd-sourced, curated collection of articles.

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  • Essays
    contains essays on miscellaneous accessibility-related topics

  • HowTos
    contains ways to solve various (e.g., accessibility) problems

  • Overviews
    contains introductory and survey material